Long Island University students in Turkey

YFU Turkey’s intern Cecilia Mel, gives us a review on our latest Comparative Religion and Culture program in collaboration with Long Island University – Global College, which took place in late March… We thank Cecilia for her review and hope to meet with our participants next year!

“As it has been for already a few years, YFU Turkey is collaborating this month with Long Island University – Global College (Brooklyn, USA), coordinating the logistics for the Comparative Religion and Culture program taking part in Turkey.

The course involves academic and field studies on Religion and Culture, visiting different countries to learn History and Contemporary facts and language. This term, Professor Kerry Mitchell and LIU staff led six American students to their international studies. They left LIU classrooms for global studies in Taiwan, Thailand, India… and Turkey.

Hence YFU Turkey National Office is taking care of the general arrangements and YFU Turkey staff and volunteers are being part of the 2014 CRC activities in Turkey. During their stay they will see side to side of the country. Their schedule includes Ankara, Konya, Mardin and Istanbul. In each city, the students are not passive observant, but active surfers of Turkish culture.

Either at Atatürk Mausoleum and Museum references or at ODTÜ lessons; from Kocatepe Cami Friday praying to Sultanahmet Cami massive devotion, or since Turkish breakfast to late dinner with traditional music, the crew will be able to immerse in Turkish society, traditional and contemporary habits, political facts and religious cults.

YFU Turkey and LIU Comparative Religion and Culture program are working together one more time to create a better understanding of people around the word, with empathic reflections and critical perspective on life.”


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